If I Suddenly Meet a Lion


 If I Suddenly Meet a Lion

Poems about animals and stories by popular poets:
On a Runny-nosed Elephant by Leah Goldberg,
A Fly That Left Never to Return by Mirik Snir,
The Cat, Bal’am that Disappeared into a Yawn by Nurit Zarchi, 
Zebra and Giraffe Chat About Dots and Stripes by Shlomit Cohen Assif,
The Hedgehog’s Secret by Ruth Oren
Tails That Were Tied by Shira Geffen and Other Barks and Clucks by the finest poets: Raphael Saporta, Thelma Eligon-Rose and Tirza Atar.


Idea: Inbal Smadar
The rhymes between the poems: Ronit Kano
Directed by Roni Brodetsky
Tunes: Inbal Smadar
Arrangements: Tal Belcharovich
Musical management: Tal Blecharovitz and the Revolution Orchestra
Orchestration and arrangements: Yonatan Shenkar
Set design and costumes: Alona Weinstein
Design Accessories: Shira Wise


For ages 3-7 | Library 1
Tuesday 23.4- 10:30, 12.00
Production Logo: Haifa Theater
Photo credit: Moshe Chitayat


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