An intimate picture of Mia is distributed throughout the internet and her life becomes a nightmare. The insults, the humiliations and verbal and physical violence from her classmates affect her deeply and her close friends leave her one after the other. It will take a year for her to return to school, to face all of them with all the insights and lessons, and there too ... a surprise awaits her. This play, integrated with video clips and based on a true story is about true friendship, respect for others, loyalty, love and forgiveness.


For ages: 12-17 | Our Upper House | Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes without an interval
Tuesday 23.4 – 16:00, 18:00


Production Logo: Haifa Theater
Photo credit: Gerard Alon
Scrpt, directed and produced by: Heli Kenizo Shahar, Bnei Yezreel
Music: Tom Goldstein
Lighting: Juan Cohen
Video: Guy Yaroslavsky, "Cult Productions" - The Green Panther
Costumes: Yves Kinizo
Featuring: Adi Alon, Lior Cohen, Shira Levi / Liron Revivo, Steve Friedman, Noam Shenhav, Tutti Ninio
Guest player: Alon Dahan



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