Strawberry Law


 Strawberry Law


A musical performance centered on a collection of anarchistic children's stories, about dealing with boundaries and with crossing them, between what is forbidden and what is permitted, between the normal and the abnormal. The stories are presented with music using a variety of instruments - guitars, wind instruments, percussion instruments and a looper. The stories reveal Ronit and Gershon's relationship with the laws and boundaries in the world.

Ages: 5 and the whole family | Stage 3 | Running Time: 50 min
Tuesday 23.4- 16:00, 17: 30


Presenters and creating partners: Ronit Kano and Gershon Weiserfirer
Compositions and musical arrangements: Ronit Kano and Gershon Wieserfirer
Texts: Ronit Kano (except: "Alona No" by: Rimona De Nor and "George has already been sacrificed" by Jules Pfeiffer)

Photo credit: PR

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