Pinocchio (Enlarge)


An innovative adaptation of the well-known story that describes the exploits of a mischievous wooden doll called Pinocchio.
Geppetto (a simple but kindhearted carpenter) expresses his desire to have a real child. During the night, a blue fairy visits the workshop to fulfill his wish and gives life to the doll he made (Pinocchio), but he remains a puppet ...
The fairy explains to Pinocchio that he can be a real child in flesh and blood only if he proves himself brave, honest and able to distinguish between good and evil by listening to the conscience of his heart.
In the play we embark on a magical journey, through colorful animation and special effects.

With the help of the children in the audience Pinocchio will learn that you always have to tell the truth and follow the straight path.
At the end of the journey, will Pinocchio succeed in fulfilling his heart's desire to become a real child?

Written and directed by Oded Ehrlich
Animation: Crazy Camera
Costume Design: Daniella Mor
Music: Yotam Yarkoni
Special effects: Eitan Klar
With: Matan Goren


 Ages: 4-8 | Duration: 45 minutes
Monday 22.4 – 16:00, 17:30
Production Logo: The Israeli Hour Theater
Credit Illustration: PR


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