Around the world in 80 days


Around the world in 80 days


In a spectacular journey around the world, Passepartout, an orphaned child who yearns for home, meets Mr. Phileas Fogg, a strict English gentleman who dislikes the company of people. The funny and exciting encounter between the two is actually a glimpse into the relationship between parents and children: Passepartout finds it difficult to meet Fogg’s severe expectations, but when Fogg gets to know him, the child's "flaws," his curiosity, his highly developed imagination, Passepartout conquers his heart and ours too. After overcoming obstacles and completing the journey, they realize that the real prize they have won is a family.
Around the World in 80 Days - original and innovative adaptation based on Jules Verne's well-known and beloved story.


Script: Yael Tillman and Yuval Berger
Director: Yael Tilman
Music: Roy Yarkoni
Set: Sasha Lishansky
Lighting: Uri Morag
Costumes: Shira Weiss
Movement: Kim Gordon
Featuring: Dolev Ohana, Ron Bitterman, Gili Beit-Halahmi, Lior Hakon, Yaara Pelzig, Yiftah Kaminer


For ages 8-12 | Stage 1 | Duration about one hour
Monday 22.4 – 10:00, 11.30
Production Logo: The Israeli Hour Theater
Photo credit: Amnon Horesh



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