To myself


To myself


A play based on the book "To Myself" by author Galila Ron Feder-Amit.


The play presents the story of Tzion, a boy who grew up in a poor family in a down-and-out neighborhood. He was sent to a foster family in Haifa, where he had to cope with new difficulties, introducing himself, finding new friends and adapting to his new reality.


Script: Orly Yeshua-Schwarzberg, Yonatan Schwarzberg
Direction and development: Raanan Nissim Pereira, Moshe Ben Shushan
Set design: Sasha Lisiansky
Costume Design: Dafna Peretz
Original music and musical editing: Lior Ronen
Lighting Design: Nadav Barnea
With: Imri Biton, Udal Hayoun, Anat Slonim, Shusha Goren, Shachaf Berger, Yaeli Rosenblitz / Shirley Lev-Wertheimer


 For ages 9-12 | Stage 1
Tuesday, 24.4 – 10:00, 11.30
Production Logo: the National Theater for Children and Youth
Photo credit: Yossi Zviker



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