Plant Egg


 Plant Egg

Inter-Galactic premiere

For the first time, a children's play in the style of Puppet-Cinema. A virtuoso performance combining theater, cinema and puppets. A tiny robot hovers in space until one day its spacecraft crashes onto a star shaped like a fried egg. There it meets the "local inhabitants" that live on the star - mushrooms, green onions and a forest of broccoli. They are all cute but also hungry


Written and directed by Zvi Sahar
Joint Director: Michal Vaknin
Music and effects: Kobi Shmueli
Actors and puppeteers: Tzvi Sahar / Noam Rubinstein, Ayelet Golan / Michal Vaknin
Puppet design: Michal Abulafia, Ian Denio, Etty Sahar and the many-handed studio
Set design: Roy Vattori and Shiran Levy
Costume Design: Yehudit Aharon
Lighting design: Avi-Yona Bueno (Bambi)
Technical management: Shachar Montelik
Animation consultant: Goni Paz
Movement consultant: Yuval Fingerman
Assistant director: Chen David
 For ages: 5-9 | Stage 3
Tuesday 23.4- 10:30, 12.00

Production Logo:  Ensemble Itim in collaboration with the Cameri Theater
Photo credit: Simcha Barabiro




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