King of nature


 King of nature

Naline, a nature lover, is appointed to serve King Raju, who rules the world's most beautiful kingdom. But when she gets to the palace, she discovers that the king does not like nature at all! He expels the noisy frogs, the bees that sting, uproots the nettles and chops down the trees. As a result, the butterflies and the birds disappear, the flowers wither and the kingdom becomes full of mosquitoes. Naline will have to teach the king that in nature all things are connected and nature must be preserved and not destroyed. A green and amusing fairy tale about the importance of preserving flora and fauna.


Play and direction: Ya'ara Reshef Nahor
Music: Ariel Keshet
Scenery and costumes: Hagit Abir
Movement: Kim Gordon
Assistant Director: Elia Bar
Featuring: Daniel Hib, Dotan Tebin / Elad Mizrahi


Ages: 3-7 | Library 1 | Duration: about 50 minutes
Sunday 21.4 – 15:30, 17:00
Production Logo: The Mediatek Theater
Photo credit: Benny this too is for the best



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