The Singing City


 The Singing City

Two girls, one loves rowdy games, the other prefers quiet and gentle sounds, hear that somewhere in the “Boom-Bang” neighborhood, the loudest neighborhood in the city, there will be a concert by Adina the wonderful harp player.
During the journey to the big city they become dancing roads, tall buildings, a shopping center and cheerful processions.
And in the process, they learn to listen to each other. The quiet and gentleness, the noise and the mischief meld into a single perfection.
Will they reach the longed-for concert? And was it all for real, or maybe it was just a wonderful game? ...
The entire play takes place on the actors' bodies, together with objects, sounds, hooters and dolls.


The co-creation of Hila Pleshkes and Liat Shabtai
Idea, writing, design, and acting: Liat Shabtai, Hila Pleshkes
Directed by Marit Ben Israel
Texts: Tzipor Frumkin
Music and voice training: Or Ben Mucha
Lighting Design: Dan Krager
Costume Design: Evelyn Tardiman
Production: The Train Theater


Ages: 3-8 | The Wonder Room
Tuesday 23.4 – 16:00, 17:30
Production Logo: The Train Theater



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