The Hunger Sandwich


The Hunger Sandwich

If a sandwich can be hungry then even a monster can fall in love.
And if the man lives in the house, then where does the house live?
A play about a man and a woman who wanted to write a story, who got carried away, drifted, hovered, dived, gobbled and lived happily ever after.
Puppet theater, clowning and objects, remind us that it is possible to create something out of whatever comes to hand and that any improvisation begins with a game.

The co-creation of: Shai Persil and Jeremy Ravon
Idea, writing, directing, visual language: Shai Persil
Design, acting and operation: Jeremy Ravon and Shai Persil
Artistic accompaniment: Marit Ben Israel
Set development and construction: Itamar Mendes Flor
Music and Lighting Design: Dan Karger
Music for the Monster Song: George Gershwin
Speech Workshop: Naomi Yoeli


Ages: 4 and the whole family | The Wonder Room
Tuesday 23.4-10:30, 12.00
Production Logo: The Train Theater
Photo credit: Kfir Bolotin



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