Noah's Ark


 Noah's Ark

In a spectacular, sweeping and moving adaptation, the beloved and fascinating biblical story is presented for the first time in a performance combining dance and multimedia theater.
A children's group trip to the Biblical Zoo leads us to Noah's well-known story of kind and righteous Noah, who was chosen by God to save his family and the animals from the flood.

The children join Noah and become part of the fascinating plot, during which Noah builds an ark and leads everyone on a journey to a new life.
The difficulties are many, but Noah, calmly and with optimism overcomes them all.
It is a story about the power of faith in goodness, the importance of good deeds, courage and overcoming obstacles. This is a story about hope, about a dove with an olive leaf and a rainbow that always appears, even if it seems that everything is lost ...


Choreography: Valerie Panov, Lena Marinichnik, Yuval Tabib
Play and Direction: Shirley Deshe
Dramaturgy, concept development and artistic accompaniment: Yifat Yitach Ron, Ayala Hauptman
Music: Lior Ronen
Set: Batia Segal, Michael Pick
Costume Design: Limor Hershko
Video Art: Nimrod Zin
Lighting Design: Nadav Barnea
Featuring: Gil Wasserman, Tali Ben Yosef and dancers of the "Panov" Theater


For ages 4-10 | Stage 1
Tuesday, 23.4 – 10:00, 11:30
Production Logo: Panov Ballet Theater
Photo credit: Nomi Adar-Hoffman



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