The Hippo’s Secret (play in Arabic)


 The Hippo’s Secret (play in Arabic)


 On a beautiful and sunny day, Eddie, the energetic and mischievous lion cub realizes that he has no real friend. Although his friend Fadi plays with him, but Fadi is not happy and energetic and not so beautiful ... They love each other but are not close and "real" friends. When Eddie decides to start looking for a true friend, Fadi joins him. Every time Eddie faces a problem during the search Fadi runs to his aid. During the journey Eddie understands that Fadi is a true friend with whom you can tackle any problem and overcome any danger. Even crocodiles and enormous monsters

For ages 5-10 | Stage 2
Tuesday 23.4-10:30, 12: 00.

Production Logo: Beit Hagefen Theater
Photo credit: PR
Translation and adaptation: Muhammad Ali
Directed by Semyon Golko
Scenery: Baffel Chanbahat
Dolls and costumes: Sasha Chernin
Music and Recording: Mo'in Shuaib, Mirna Studio
Lighting and amplification: Elias Rashid
With the participation of: Semion Golko, Lubna Bukayi, Rita Shamshom






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