One-Two - Spinning A Tail


 One-Two - Spinning A Tail

Adaptation of the story, The Sleeping Beauty, using dolls, wool and movement.
A princess emerges from her quiet and safe world, and while studying the outside world, gets pricked and falls asleep. How will she wake up?
The play is woven from the actresses and their skirts, which turn from costume to set, from protection to danger and from danger to enchanted sleep. On an empty stage, a couple of actresses create a magical world and bring the sleeping beauty to life.

Visual Language, Creation and Performance: Hadas Tzadik and Rina Pinchover
Director: Yael Erlich Morag
Original music: Ido Roth


Production: House 9
Ages: 4-7 | Library 1 Duration: 45 minutes
Tuesday 23.4 – 16:00, 17:30
Production Logo: House 9.



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