Apache- *Sensitive play


A play about a day in the life of a clown with a cold.
An important telephone call hastens the clown to get organized and leave his house to catch a big fish. Despite the unexpected rain, the clown decides that this is an opportunity that must not be missed and in his hurried preparations he forgets to put on his shoes and he steps into a large puddle ...
The first Apache does not take long to arrive and neither do those that follow.
Frustrated, sick and with a runny nose, the clown stays home, surrounded by self-pity and objects, that suddenly come to life and with his fishing rod, that is not going to catch any fish today. He decides to relax and not to surrender to self-pity. In an amusing way he creates a miracle cure for himself and learns to overcome his difficulties on his own.


Creation, direction, set design, musical editing and script: Losha Gavrielov
Production: Sharon Gavrielov
For ages: 3+ | Our Lower House
Tuesday 23.4 – 15:30, 17: 00.


Production Logo: "Reserved Places" project, Autism and treatment research
Photo credit: Vojtěch Brtnický

*  The play has been adapted especially for children on the spectrum. The adaptation includes:
• Distribution of information at the entrance including preparation for the performance and donation appeals.
• Distribution of headphones for reducing sound volume
• Illuminated hall
• Reduced sound volume
• Possibility to move freely in the space even during the performance
• The performance has undergone artistic adaptation and does not include frightening or shocking elements


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