The Jester


The Jester


Kunz, the court jester is banished from the palace and in his place the king seeks a new, young and talented clown. Kunz does not give up and intends to return to the palace. He goes to the Royal Wizard in the hope that a magic spell will help him achieve his goal, but the wizard sends him on a journey where Kunz learns that to be a fascinating artist is much more than a simple magic spell. An exciting, colorful and funny show that exposes the children to the world of theater.


Play: Yaki Mahraz
Directed by Israel Gurion
Set and costumes: Lily Ben Nachshon
Music: Keren Peles
Lighting: Misha Chernyevsky, Ina Malkin Solomon
Choreography and assistant director: Mira Rubinstein
Masks and accessories: Einat Sandrovich
With: Yossi Toledo, Gil Chernowitz


Ages 5-9 | Our Upper House | Duration: About 1 hour
Production Logo: The Orna Porat Theater for children and youth
Photo Credit:  Kfir Balutin
Tuesday 23.4- 10:30, 12.00



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