Tiny Theater


Tiny Theater

 A unique theatrical performance for toddlers. Two girls meet for the first time and try to understand each other, to get to know each other, to get closer. The encounter between them creates a game that shows the viewers a rich world of imagination, music, movement, accessories, silhouettes and videos. The language and the theatrical elements stimulate the curiosity of the little ones, excites them and for the first time in their lives, gives them a theater experience.


Creator and director: Gil Czernowitz
Scenery and costumes: Shani Tor
Illustrations: Riki Moffi
Music: Nadav Rubinstein
Accessories: Narkis Magnesi
Production and accessories: Didi Alon
Assistant Director: Jonathan Feinsod
Professional Counseling: The Language, Speech and Communication Clinic, Schneider Children's Medical Center in Israel
Featuring: Genia Snoop / Michal Korman, Smadar Harpak / Anat Goffman


For ages 1-3 | Library 1 | Duration: about half an hour
Sunday 21.4 – 10:00, 11:00, 11.45
Production Logo: The Orna Porat Theater's for children and youth
Photo credit: Kfir Bolotin



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