Switzerland | Les Malles
"Time is very slow for those who wait and very short for those who celebrate, but for those who love - time is eternal." (William Shakespeare). In a journey full of refinement, fragility and poetry, into a world full of humor and humanity, George and Victoria take us to the homeland of their love – their youth. In a spell-binding dance, with soulful marionettes, they flip us between reality and imagination, between laughter and forgetfulness and between the weight of the body and the weightlessness of the spirit. A picturesque and mesmerizing performance about the power of love to stop time.
Acting and puppeteering: Roman Gucks | Dance and puppeteering: Celine Play
Coaching and direction: Doda Fabe | Dramaturgy: Andrea Fidelio | Music: Basil Richon |
Graphic Design: Les Ateliers Du Facteur | Costume Design: Angelina Omer |
Production: Compagnie Les Malles

Ages: 5+
Duration: 30 minutes
Photo Credit: Susy Lagrange

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