What is a Tapir?!?


What is a Tapir?!?

Adapted from the book 'Pumi - a story about tapir' By: Roni Hefer| Script: Yoav Heiman| Dramaturgy: Erez Shafrir| Directed by Merav Sheffer| Assistant Director and Production Manager: Tomer Aldubi| Music: Tal Blecharovitz| Movement: Sharon Gal| Set: Natasha Tuchman-Poliak | Costume: Veronica Shore| Lighting: Roni Cohen|
Featuring (in order of appearance): Moshiko Sasson, Guy Gurevich, Harel Morad, Carmit Mesily-Kaplan, Hila Sorjon, Yoav Heiman


Pumi, the curious tapir mouth likes listening to the stories his mother reads to him every night before going to sleep. One night, Pumi asks his mother: "How come are there so many stories about animals - stories about a bear, a lion, a fox, a monkey, even a louse ... and there's no story about a tapir ?!"
The next day, Pumi went to the municipal library to look for a book whose hero was tapir. To his surprise, he discovers there is no such book! Despite the dangers of the forest, Pumi decides to embark on a journey to the house of the writer, Joachin Krupnik to find out why he never wrote a story about a tapir.
On the way, he meets more animals that join him on the adventure: Bruno the bat who is afraid of the dark, Mika the pig who strictly maintains a healthy diet and the turtle Hezi that dreams of being a dancer. Pumi and his new friends overcome all the dangers and obstacles they meet on their way to the writer's house.
What is a Tapir? - Pumi - the tapir that nobody knows – is an exciting musical comedy for children - a play about friendship, growing up, accepting others and the courage to be who you are.


Ages 5-9| Stage 3| Duration: About 1 hour
   Sunday 21.4 – 10:30, 12:30, 15:30, 17:30.
Monday 22.4 – 10:30, 12:30, 15:00, 17.00.

Produced by the National Theater for Children and Youth founded by Sami Levy.
Photo credit: Gerard Alon

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