Twelfth Night


Twelfth Night
A children’s version of Shakespeare's famous comedy

Translator: Dori Parnes| Director: Roni Brodetsky| Sets and Scenery: Shani Tor| Costumes: Shira Waze |
Movement: Yotam Kelo Levana| Music: Ran Bagno| Sound arrangements: Udi Raz| Lighting: Hani Vardi and Rotem Elroy|
Assistant Director: Mor Shoham|
The “Haifait Players” - Haifa Theater Ensemble: Jeremy Alfasi, Shira Blitz, Adar Beck,

Uri Gov, Uriah Yablonovsky, Lior Lev, Yoel Rosenkier, Ron Richter, Masha Shmulian.


 The beautiful Viola is saved from a sinking ship. She disguises herself as a lad in order to serve the Duke of the island, Orsino and mistakenly falls in love with him, but Orsino is in love with the sad Lady Olivia.
Olivia thinks that Viola is a young man who she immediately falls in love with. All the court clowns abuse Malvolio, the bitter servant who is in love with himself.
A comedy about love and madness by the great bard, William Shakespeare


Ages 6+ |Stage 1 | Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes without a break
Sunday 21.4 – 10:00, 12:00, 15:00, 17:30.
Credit for illustration: Jimmy Pong

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