Balloona (Enlarge)

The opening performance of the 28th festival:
A Musical Fantasy for children


A musical Fantasy by Shira Geffen, and the composer Nadav Vikinski, with the participation of actors-singers, a girls’ choir and the Haifa Symphony Orchestra.

"Balloona" is a musical-Theatre creation of full of imagination and sound, about children and balloons, friendship, and the ability to “let go” and relax.
At the centre of the play is the boy Alon, who accidentally releases his balloon, and follows it on a journey to the place where all the balloons go, the place that is "beyond the rainbow and above the stars."

Up there, in the balloon world, Alon meets Balloona, a girl who came to the balloon world because she would not let go of the string of her balloon and flew with it, up into the sky.

The friendship that develops between Alon and Balloona in the celestial world of balloons makes it possible for both of them to learn something about how to relax and “release a balloon”.


Luna -   if I let go of your hand
Will you, like the balloon, fly into the sky?
Alon – what do you mean... I live in the house at the end of the row ...
Luna -  but I do not know how to let go
Alon – Relax your fingers from your pinkie to your thumb
Until the palm of your hand is all soft and numb
Don’t be afraid, it's easy as pie,
Just like releasing a butterfly



For age 2 and the whole family

Duration: about 50 minutes





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Creators and actors
  • By: Shira Geffen

    Music: Nadav Vikinski

    Director: Galia Fradkin

    Conducting and Artistic Management: Roy Oppenheim

    Games & Song: Raphael Abbas (in the role of the child, Alon). Harel Lissman (in the role of Balloon Vendor / the narrator). Meital Klika (in the role of the girl Luna).

    The Bat Shir Choir under the direction of Tali Weisman

    Musicians: Haifa Symphony Orchestra

    Production: Mor Erlich Amsalem

    Stage design and costumes: Orna Barnett Shimoni

    Lighting: Meir Alon

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