Eight Trailing One

Photo credit: Noa Fischfeld (Enlarge)

"Eight Trailing One" is the first book of the "gang" in the history of Hebrew children’s literature, and thus we give it a place of honour. Author Yemima Tchernovitz Avidar is the recipient of the Israel Prize and the Ze’ev Prize for Children's Literature. This is a fascinating adventure story about a unique group of children. The plot takes place on a kibbutz on the shores of the Sea of Galilee during the Second World War. The hero, the boy Hagay, leaves his home in the Haifa area, which is bombed by enemy planes, and comes to the kibbutz, where he joins a group of children called "Ayala." One day, a mysterious man moves into an abandoned house at the edge of the kibbutz. They begin to follow him, in the course of which they find themselves in many adventures and even in a heroic act. Finally, the children solve the mystery and thwart a terrible plot.

For ages 6-12 or older
Duration: about 60 minutes





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