The Etrog

Photo credit: Yossi Zavker (Enlarge)

The story of the friendship of Mottel, the son of the lord, and the poor Herschele in a small Jewish town. When the expensive Etrog bought by Mottel's mother was stolen, the main suspect is Herschele, the brat. Even Mottel suspects his good friend... When Herschele runs away from the town, Mottel conducts his own investigation and discovers that his friend is innocent. The plot becomes complicated when they threaten to expel Herschele's mother from the town. Mottel takes courage and travels to the city of Chelm to get Herschele back home and help him cleanse his name.
A fascinating original musical, moving and full of humour, inspired by the stories of Shalom Aleichem, The Wise Men of Chelm and Herschele of Ostropol.


For ages 6-12

Duration: 60 minutes


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