The Girl and The Crows

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Adaptation of the story "The Seven Crows" by the brothers Grimm.

In a small house, in a remote village, live a mother and father and five naughty boys. The family is joined by a sweet little sister, and she is very ill. Father sends the brothers to a well, to bring special water that the village doctor recommended as medicine. But on the way, the brothers go wild as usual and the pitcher breaks. The worried father curses them wishing them to turn into crows, and the curse comes true. Miraculously, the baby heals, grows up to be a strong and intelligent child, and she goes out to find and to retrieve her brothers. On her journey she travels far and wide, meets many figures, and even reaches the sun and the moon. Will she really find her brothers and succeed in uniting the family?



For ages 4-10 

Duration: about 50 minutes

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Creators and actors
  • Adaptation of the story "The Seven Crows" by the brothers Grimm.

    By: Zeruya Lahav 

    Directed by: Amit Afta and Ella Tamari Mills

    Music: Daniel Salomon

    Movement: Gal Sabo

    Lighting: Nadav Barnea

    With: Gil Wasserman, Salit Lahav, Susanna Papian, Yoni Green, Hanan Schwarzberg, Eran Lachman, Moshiko Sasson and Nadav Eilon.

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