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Zero Conducta | Spain

Everyone has a mission, so they say. Every pot has its lid, every hand has its glove, every cook has his pan and every bit of trash has its can. But …. what happens when trash has dreams of its own? It has talent. It has hobbies and doesn’t want to stay alone! The story of a bag that dreamed of becoming a star. Just before it’s thrown away – here’s its chance to have its day!


A story of a bag, that wanted more, a bag that asked: “What did I come here for?”.


For age 5 and up
Duration: about 15 minutes


Thanks to the Spain embassy for the support
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Creators and actors
  • Creation: Jose Antonio Poches (Potasha), Julieta Gascon

    Assistant Director and Technician: David Macada

    Sponsorship Cultural Attaché: Bernaba Rubio - Rotary Performing Arts.

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