I Will Hug You - Lithuania

Photo credit: Vytautas Petrikas (Enlarge)

Padi Dapi Fish | Lithuania

A dance Theatre performance that is all fantasy and imagination, that looks at the world through the eyes of a child. This way of looking can turn every reality into a dream and make every dream come true.

A lyrical journey about the power of togetherness, family, love, and the whole world where with a hug one can make anything happen.



For ages 2-9

Duration: 30 minutes


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Creators and actors
  • Choreographer: Deauville Bincasquita

    Stage Designer: Arthur Simonis

    Dancers: Agnia Shiko, Inga Kozankova, Darius Barulis, Iva Dobilita

    Composer: Georgita Meislet

    Producer: Goda Gidritit

    Production: PADI DAPI Fish Dance Theatre and the artists of "Fish Eye"


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