Omino - Italy

Photo credit: Raffaella Vismara (Enlarge)

Michel Cafaggi | Italy

"Fantasy is the place where it rains inside," wrote the Italian writer, Italo Calvino. Indeed, the rain that leaks into the house creates a fantastic world bubbles.


Michel Cafaggi, winner of the best actor and performance award in Italy and Spain 2017, sets our imagination to flight, with countless soap bubbles of all shapes and sizes. His boundless talent for manipulating water, soap, light and air, sends us on spectacular, emotional journeys of humour and wonder.


It is poetry written with bubbles and it invites us to dive into an enchanted world, born of the rain and dissolving into the wind.

Creation and performance: Michel Cafaggi

From age 3 and the whole family
Duration: 30 minutes

Thanks to the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Haifa for their support

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