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People watching fish in the aquarium - this is a routine picture, but people in the aquarium being watched by fish - is a revolution! How does it feel to be a fish in a jar? What does the world look like through the aquarium glass? What do the fish think of the strange, hairy heads that have appeared in their bubble? And is there a chance to connect the worlds?


An absurd, poetic and disturbing picture of two men, their heads in a jar full of goldfish.



For the whole family
Duration: 30 minutes




Thanks to the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE HAÏFA for the support
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Creators and actors
  • Creation and Direction: Erik Menini

    Concept and Production: Francois Marsoulier
    With: Christophe Bryan, Eric Minnini, Morgan Manini

    Technician: Ann Marie Menini.

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