Gravir - France and Canada

Photo credit: Lluc Miralles (Enlarge)

Les Quat 'fers en l'air | France and Canada


Gabi and Garance set out to climb the highest, most snowy mountain. They have everything: snow glasses, climbing harness, ski jackets. But what’s missing? - The snow! The earth is warming, and the snowy mountain remains naked and dry. But for Gabi and Garance, there is only advance! No reverse and no retreat, just let’s get moving on our feet!

A breath-taking, mesmerizing and adrenaline-filled, feminine duet that takes the audience to heights of excitement. Nothing will stand in the way of Gabi and Garance-not even gravity!



For all the family

Duration: about 30 minutes





Thanks to the INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE HAÏFA for the support






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Creators and actors
  • The work of Gabi Citescu and Garance Hubert-Shimshon with the help of Alan Raino
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