The Happy Children’s Playground - Israel

Photo credit: Yoav Etiel (Enlarge)

The School of Performing Arts at Kibbutz College of Education | Israel



An artistic Hyde Park for Children


The Happy Children's Playground is an event in the public sphere that gives expression to the whispers of the heart and the yearning for peace. It is a theatrical representation, designed and directed, which uses children's games as a tool for transmitting messages. Games like hopscotch and catch, hide and seek and dodgeball; group games or games in pairs. In our playground every child is in the centre, standing in a circle, looking around, reaching out to his friend in love, in our yard everyone desires to live (Chafetz Haim), playing tag and chasing only peace.



For all the family

Duration: about 35 minutes




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Creators and actors
  • Creators: First year students Design acting Director and Dance

    Staff accompanying production and content: Matar Wallach, Efrat Kayakov, Barak Gadassi, Roy Finmesser

    Artistic Director: Frieda Shoham

    School Principle: Itzik Weingarten

    Head of Design Department: Dana Zarfati

    Production Management: Uri Weiss

    Costume Production: Melanie Lombard

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