Orchid in Love - Isael

Photo credit: Ivan Grigorov (Enlarge)

Meirav Elbaz | Israel

An orchid opens up before our eyes. Its splendour and glory evoke wonder and surprise. We “ooh” and we “aah” at beauty supreme, until a hairy, black spider enters the scene. Is the spider less wonderful than the orchid?


Is black and hairy, necessarily sordid? Can the enemy become a lover? Can horror and beauty stand, one beside the other?


A poetic and spectacular performance in which the true beauty is still, the one that is hidden from view.


For the whole family

Duration: about 20 minutes


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Creators and actors
  • Director: Daniel Zafrani

    Costumes: Shmulik Shohat

    Actress and creator: Meirav Elbaz

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