That Round Thing - Israel

Photo credit: Daniella Melamed (Enlarge)

Davai Group | Israel


Two good friends spend a day of fun at the beach. Suddenly, without noticing it and without intention, they knock the sun down! The two decide to go on a journey to return the lost sun.


A funny and magical adventure without words, begins. They search for the sun, both shallow and deep. They argue and split, they swim and they creep. The two dive into dreams. They sail on illusion. And the end? Why, it’s a foregone conclusion!


For age 3 and the whole family

Duration: about 50 minutes




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Creators and actors
  • Performers: Loshia Gavrielov and Fyodor Makarov

    Costume: Olga Domova

    Set: Oksana and Leonid Elisov

    Lighting: Andrey Yudshkin

    Original music:  Alon Cohen

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