Photo credit: Le Caramantran

Batifolages - France

For the whole family. A lovely parade in collaboration with the audience.
Photo credit: Zero en Conducta Co

Trash - Spain

For age 5 and up. A story of a bag, that wanted more, a bag that asked: “What did I come here for?”
Photo credit: Fer Benítez

Traps - Spain

For all the family. From a mysterious land in the imagination of every child, three giant dragons with big teeth, heavy tails and jagged-spine backs appear. Sounds scary? Not when the mysterious country is the land of childhood!
Photo credit: Vytautas Petrikas

I Will Hug You - Lithuania

For ages 2-9. A dance Theatre performance that is all fantasy and imagination, that looks at the world through the eyes of a child.
Photo credit: Giuseppe Turtura

Four Feet Sonnet - Italy and Argentina

For all the family. Veronica and Laura use their legs and feet to create a wondrous world, full of music, rhythm and imagination.
Photo credit: Raffaella Vismara

Omino - Italy

From age 3 and the whole family. poetry written with bubbles that invites us to dive into an enchanted world, born of the rain and dissolving into the wind.
Photo credit: ALBEDO

Tony’s - France

For the whole family. secret security guards. The Tony’s are dedicated to maintaining law and order...
Photo credit: ALBEDO

Bigbrozeurs - France

For the whole family. Nothing escapes the eye of the Bigbrozeurs detectives. They follow, chase and poke around every corner and spy on everyone in the street...


For the whole family. An absurd, poetic and disturbing picture of two men, their heads in a jar full of goldfish.
Photo credit: Totaal Theatre

Scandal in Jøttnjøl basket - The Netherlands

For ages 2 and up. A magical and poetic, moving performance.
Photo credit: Vincent Van Hake.

Two Seconds! - France

For the whole family. A one-man circus that receives an unforgettable lesson in the wonders of the modern world, and that also makes us look from a new and humorous perspective on the world in which we live.
Photo credit: Yosuke Ikeda

Timing Is Everything - Japan

For ages 6 and over. An original virtuoso performance by the Japanese artist Yosuke Ikeda, who takes us to a well-timed world of words and sounds.
Photo credit: Lluc Miralles

Gravir - France and Canada

For all the family. A breath-taking, mesmerizing and adrenaline-filled, feminine duet that takes the audience to heights of excitement. Nothing will stand in the way of Gabi and Garance-not even gravity!
Photo credit: Holmikers

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs - Switzerland

For all the family. A rather wild and very sporty Snow White, along with seven wacky and jumpy dwarfs in a comedy of errors that you can’t stop watching!
Photo credit: Yoav Etiel

The Happy Children’s Playground - Israel

AFor all the family. an artistic Hyde Park for Children.
Photo credit: Ivan Grigorov

Orchid in Love - Isael

For the whole family. A poetic and spectacular performance in which the true beauty is still, the one that is hidden from view.
Photo credit: Daniella Melamed

That Round Thing - Israel

For age 3 and the whole family. A funny and magical adventure without words...
Photo credit: Yael Kligler

Terminal 1 - Israel

From age 4 and the whole family. A performance without words, full of humour, magic and gimmicks, which goes completely off the runway and ensures that the sky is absolutely, not the limit!
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