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Everyone complains about Kaitush, a unique and special child – who is brave, impatient and loves fairytales. One day Kaitush discovers that he is a sorcerer, but his magic goes out of control and causes panic in the city of Warsaw.
The police chases him and he decides to use his powers to escape and avoid punishment. He travels the world, turns himself into a boxer and even a successful Hollywood actor - but the complaints keep coming and Kaitush builds himself a castle far from all human beings. In this castle he meets the dark wizard, the strongest of all the wizards, who wants to punish Kaitush for his bad behavior.
Will Kaitush ever escape from the dark wizard?
And will he find out that underneath it all, he is also a good boy?

A new production based on Janusz Korczak well-known and popular story from 1933, by Mediatheque Theater and with the support of The  Polish Institute Tel Aviv
For age 5 and over
Duration: about 50 minutes



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Creators and actors
  • By: Eitan Moshkovsky

    Directed by Gamma Fried

    Movement Design: Tal Kun

    With: Roy Saar, May Meller, Tom Chodorov, Shir Abramov

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