To open the Box

To open the Box (Enlarge)

Ages: 4-10


This play is the Winner of 2016 Award for Children & Youth Theatre.


The two clowns – Kresh and Shtoot work in a packaging factory, where their only job is to pack and seal cardboard boxes. Shtoot, the curious of the two, who cannot contain his curiosity, opens a big box and jumps into it. Hereby, the two clowns set off to a fantastic journey in magical worlds, visible only to the ones who dare opening boxes. They arrive at a mysterious palace, pop up in Africa and in the deep water of the ocean. Together they escape dangers, they sing and laugh and move the hearts of their audience.


Duration: 50 minutes

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Creators and actors
  • Acting & developing of idea: Roie Biran and Harel Kertesz

    Writing and music: Roie Biran

    Directing: Tal Biran

    Movement: Tal Ben David

    Puppets: Harel Kertesz

    Costumes: Claudia Manokian

    Lighting: Amit Rosen


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