Why Did the Fish Cry?

Why Did the Fish Cry? (Enlarge)

Ages: 3-8


Based on stories by Oded Burla


What happens to the giraffe when you tie a knot in its long neck? Why did the scorpion shout? And why did the fish cry?
Oded Burla’s wonderful stories come to life from the pages of Hila Flashkes’s colorful pop-up books.

Two actresses create a vibrant, exciting 3D world.

Come and take a peek, listen to their stories, and meet the funny, unique animals all made out of paper!


Duration: 45 minutes

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Creators and actors
  • Created by Hila Flashkes & Danielle Cohen-Levi
    ​Co-creator and director: 
    Danielle Cohen-Levi
    Acting and puppetry: 
    Hila Flashkes, Orit Mimrud
    Artistic consultant:
    Marit Ben-Israel, Shahar Marom
    Dan Karger
    More texts and songs:
    Ronit Kano
    Light design: Keren Dembinsky
    Books wraps: Anny Shani

    Production: The Train Theater

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