My Aunt Lea Goldberg - By No-One

My Aunt Lea Goldberg - By No-One (Enlarge)

Ages: 9+


No-one, a fictitious nephew of Leah Goldberg’s (who called herself No-one’s aunt”), wishes to write his aunt’s life story and about her literary work. No-one will soon find out that writing isn’t as simple as he thought it was. Still, and with a little help from his aunt, No-one will discover the magic of words, their power to create worlds and to evoke emotions.


Duration: 50 minutes


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Creators and actors
  • Playwright: Shoham smith

    Dramaturgy anddirection: Hagar ben zaken

    Visual Language: Elit veber

    Hagar ben zaken

    Design: Elit veber

    Music: Alberto Shwartz

    Costume design: Maor Zabar

    Dramaturgy conselor : Hana Vazana grunwald

    Accordionist : Vitaly Podolsky

    Actors : Rinat matatov, Hillel Cappon

    Production : Mofa Theatre

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