If I Should Meet A Lion

If I Should Meet A Lion (Enlarge)

Ages: 3-7


Animal songs and stories by renowned Israeli poets, including Lea Goldberg's "Of an Elephant With a Cold", Mirik Snir's "The Fly Who Left Indefinitely", Nurit Zarhi's "Cat Bil'Am Who Disappeared Into Its Cough", Shlomit Cohen Assif's "The Zebra and Giraffe Chatting of Spots and Stripes", Roth Oren's "The Hedgehog's Secret" and Shira Gefen's "Entangled Tails".

Among the further barks and croaks in the show are pieces by other notable poets such as Rafael Sapporta, Talma Alyagon-Rose and Tirza Attar.


Duration: Hour


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Creators and actors
  • Singing, storytelling, and guitar: Inbal Smadar

    Singing, storytelling, and keyboard: Tal Blecharovitz

    Conductor: Roy Oppenheim

    Percussion: Giori Politi

    Violincello: Karin Markovich

    Flute: Noam Dubester 

    Clarinet: Keren Goldenzweig

    Violin: lia Raikhlin

    Trumpet: Tal Avraham

    Trombone & Baritone: Udi Raz

    Contra bass: Alon Azizi


    Creator: Inbal Smadar

    Rhymes between musical pieces: Ronit Kano

    Director: Ronnie Brodetzky

    Music: Inbal Smadar

    Arrangement: Tal Blecharovitz

    Musical Director: Tal Belcharovitz together with The Revolution Orchestra 

    Orchestration and Arrangement: Yonatan Shenkar

    Sound Design: Nissim Twito

    Costume and decoration: Alona Vainshtein


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