Looking For Clues

Looking For Clues (Enlarge)

Ages: 7-11


Shira is an only child who dreams on having her own dog. One day, while taking a walk, she meets a stray dog and feels as if her dream could come true.

On her way she meets Ido, a new friend from her neighborhood, who always walks around with a pair of binoculars, claiming to be a detective.

Ido and Sting, the dog, help her find the strength to deal with significant changes in her life.


Duration: Hour

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Creators and actors
  • playwright: liora karmeli

    director: sophia noller

    producer: sahar malamud

    decor: gili godiano

    puppeteer: ofir zveibil

    actors: carmel netzer (shira), meital carmely (mother), sagi tal (ido), yiftach kaminer father & dog catcher))

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