Mulu and Tsegay

Mulu and Tsegay (Enlarge)

Ages: 5+


At nighttime, under a full moon, Mulu and Tzagai embark on a magical
journey from their African village to an other land.


Equipped with a blue stone, a seed of longing and a guardian bone, the brother and sister escape fire, climb summits, encounter new animals and characters.


A coming of age story about courage, friendship and love, based on true experiences, expressed on stage through an emerging unique world of clay puppetry and other materials originating from the natural world.


Duration: 50 minutes

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Creators and actors
  • A stage adaptation for the children's book 'Mulu and Tzegay' by Tamar Verete- Zehavi
    Created by Moriya Benavot, Shaharit Yerushalmy & Hadas Selbst
    Director: Hadas Selbst
    Consept & Performing: Moriya Benavot && Shaharit Yerushalmy
    Performer & Writer: Shaharit Yerushalmy
    Performer & Puppet designer: Moriya Benavot

    Original music: Dana Izen
    Set designer: Zohar Shoef
    Light designer: Itamar Houri
    Costume Designer: Yaara Zadok
    Producer: Rona Saporta
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