Eliezer Ben Yehuda

Eliezer Ben Yehuda (Enlarge)

Ages: 5-11



The story begins a hundred and fifty years back in time.

The Hebrew language is considered holy and is banned in daily conversation.

Jews are spread in different countries around the world and speak the language of the country they are in.


In Russia, a religious Jewish boy, is secretly exposed to the ability of the Hebrew language to describe things outside of the Torah and prayers.

This discovery sends him on a journey filled with different adventures.

When he gets older he moves with his love to Israel in order to develop the Hebrew language and turn it into a spoken language that unites the Jewish people.



Play Duration: 50 Minutes








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Creators and actors
  • story play: by Zipi Lichtenstein and Ofer Shalchin

    Director: Ofer Shalchin

    Actors: Zipi Lichtenstein and Ofer Shalchin

    Musicion: Ofer Shalchin





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