Syncope- Israel

Photo: Raday Rubinstain (Enlarge)

Syncope (statue) is a character that belongs to the ancient craftsmen of the Middle Ages. Its aesthetic is due to the effects of the early era circus combined with the old values ​​there, along with fortified walls and within the laws and definitions, was imprisoned in her expression.


Music, syncope is the stress of non-pulsated should be upbeat or failure of instruments which should be tinged beat.


Just as this and of the strong desire of syncope expression, the way she brings it lacks definition, time or space when the longing for self-liberation movement begets essence creates echoes.

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Creators and actorsVideo
  • Name of the artist:

    Neomi Maggeni


    Creator and actor:

    Neomi Maggeni

    Costume Design:

    Yasmine Wollek


    Raday Rubinstain

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