Über-Marionetten- Italy

Photo: Andrea Macchia (Enlarge)

Über-Marionetten tells the story of the daily work routine of two employees specialized in their job as well as escaping from it. A clown comedy about the daily little transgressions and funny pranks of workmates, rarely shown on stage. Our heroes will experience duels, love, hate, tragedy, competition. They will laugh and cry together, they will invent imaginary characters to surprise each other… They will accompany the audience in a series of scenes, from an opera concert to the expert hands of a pastry chef, from a lunch break to a fakir extreme performance, from horror films to Western plains. And in addition, science fiction robots, contemporary musicians, contortionists from India… an odyssey of adventures wittily created around their own desk, while wearing a shirt and a tie! A show full of music, optimistic, with highly expressive and fast-paced gags, understandable by anybody. Pantomime and background music are the main tools for narrating the story. No special language skill is required, just your own emotions.


“Übermarionetten.” Über, which in German means “beyond”. Beyond, because it goes beyond any age, race or social class, as the show is not meant for one specific audience. Everybody is able to understand it. Emotional intelligence is the only thing required to see this show. It goes beyond any naive perspective, it reverts the rules of the game [...] Indeed this comic genre challenges any conventional rule.






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