Big Bugs Show- Netherland

Big Bugs Show- Netherland (Enlarge)

Four huge lifelike beetles show up in the middle of the city.


The ‘Kafkaesque’ parade, consisting of a giant Cockroach; an enormous Lady-bug; a Stag beetle and a Jewel beetle go on rampage through the streets, causing excitement and ‘mass-hysteria’ amongst the public.


The act, which starts as electrifying chaos-generating happening among the audience, and culminates in a hilarious circle-performance on the gardens of Haifa Theater, is a satirical ‘urban legend’ created by Iva and Petar Mandick, theatre-makers and artists best known by their unique visual theatre and lifelike masks and figures – which are being brought to life through magical symbiosis with the actor.
Continually exploring new dimensions in performing with mask, the artists create original contemporary mask-theatre that speaks to a broad audience.


Big Bugs Show has been in repertoire since 2012 and has been played with great success at many amazing street theatre festivals, music/dance festivals, puppet festivals, city festivals and environmental events throughout Europe ever since.




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Creators and actorsVideo
  • Name of the company:

    Mr.Image Theatre



    Created by

    IVA && PETAR



    Ensemble of Mr.Image Theatre:

    Iva Kostovic-Mandick

    Petar Mandick

    Victor Bottenbley



    a guest appearance of Tamar Burger Star

    as The Forester


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