Loneliness- Portugal

Photo: Teatro SÓ (Enlarge)

Loneliness is a poetic theatre piece about a lonely old man; a theatre carried by the poetry of images.


The society marches on fast, no-one has time and everybody is busy.

The old folks are forgotten...


Their successes belong to the past, their conquests happened years ago, they once fulfilled their tasks – just as we do ours - are long gone.

Time gets a different meaning and each action becomes interesting and exciting.

This old man runs through town, lonely, waiting for change, for something to happen, he sits on a park bench waiting for time to go by.. until you arrive!

Keyword phrase encapsulating the show:

Old and alone he manage, completely without words, to tell us a beautiful, visual, poetry, impressive and vivid power story. Teatro So is one of his kind!



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Creators and actorsVideo
  • Name of the group:

    Teatro SÓ


    Staging and dramaturgy:

    Sérgio Fernandes
    Composition (music):

    Ferdinand Breil
    Management and production assistant:

    Margit Knittel


    Shasta Ellenbogen 

    Bernardo Rey / Sérgio Fernandes 

    Tuya Hermann

    Olga Dumova
    Scenario (bench):

    Eddie Dorner

    Maya Kempe

    Sérgio Fernandes

    Spiros Paterakis

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