Do Not Disturb -France

Photo: Vaiven Circo (Enlarge)

"Do not Disturb" take us to the early 20th century, during a day of work in a factory. Four characters are trying to build a machine without instructions causing funny, exciting and risky situations. Combining dance, acrobatics, physical theatre and contemporary circus Vaivén Circo creates a high energy and poetic show.

Keyword phrase encapsulating the show:


A combination of dance, acrobatics, physical theatre and contemporary circus, set in a factory where our workers are trying to construct a wheel.





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Creators and actorsVideo
  • Name of the group:

    Vaiven Circo


    Direction: Rosa Díaz

    Technical Director: Javier Luna

    Choreography: Raquel Pretel

    Music: Iván Monje

    Costumes: Josefina Alfonso

    Set Design: Pepe del Pino

    Miguel Moreno "Bolo"
    Chema Martín Herrera
    Raquel Pretel Ferrándiz
    Emilio López Arquillo

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