The Magic of Mozart

The Magic of Mozart (Enlarge)

Ages: 4-10


wolfgang Mozart is a musical prodigy, But his phenomenal talent has its price, it causes him to lose his childhood and spend time only with adults, or with his piano And puts in the shade the older sister, who is also a talented musician.

This tension leads a major crisis, forcing the whole family to learn to get along together, to enjoy the blessings that come with talent.



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Creators and actors
  • Play: Shai Lahav

    Director: Uri Omanuti

    Dramaturgy: Daphne Engel

    Music: Haggai Davidoff

    Setting: Batya and Michael Pick

    Costumes: Maor gained

    Actors: Dani Leshman, Rodia Kozlovsky, Sivan Sasson, Ruth Resuk/Moran Rosen, Yakov (Flashka) Fishfeld


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