The Laboratory - Israel

The Laboratory - Israel (Enlarge)

Facilities Laboratory for the family, operate on the principle of interactivity and use the sounds and movement of children creating a magical world and multi- sensory event , operating simultaneously devices and different stations and measures the light roast and sensors and uses theater tools like movement and music.


Lab participants with actors and artists combined with the education , science and research / performance enabled by the children 's natural curiosity , to create a compound that opens the attention of participants and gives them emotional and multi -sensory experience .


Ages: 5+


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Creators and actors
  • Artistic Direction & Counseling : Claudio Edelberg 

    Video and Multimedia : Fabian Fitoussi, Gustavo Bustamante 

    Scientific counseling : Dr. Eyal Balan

    artists and players: Yam Drori, Michal Gil, Dafi Katz, Shani Davidov

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