The quest for the enchanted sound - Israel

The quest for the enchanted sound - Israel (Enlarge)

 …It was just like any other day the sun was shining and the children were playing outside.


When Simon's mother sings, an enchanted sound is heard.

But one day every thing changed!


The wicked which stole the enchanted sound…


This is a story of a long journey made by a short boy,

The set transforms as the hero advances and creates his way.


Puppetsshadows, masks and actresses invite the audience to the magical journey towards the enchanted sound


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Creators and actorsVideo
  • Based on the story of Miri Peeri


    Stage adaptation and Designe: Hallit Katz, Ayelet Shadmon Ivri

    Acting and puppet manipulation: Ayelet Shadmon Ivri, Gili Ivri

    Direction and artistic guide: Avital Dvori

    Dramaturgy: Masha Nimrovski, Miki Mevorach

    Assistance with set: Reut Keini


    The production was created thanks to the support of the Puppet Centre in Holon.

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