Sometimes dreams come true

Sometimes dreams come true (Enlarge)

Ages: 5-10


The play confronts us with two children living in rural poor family and dreaming of an

easier and a better life

One day they receive a gift and given them a chance to realize their dreams

One chooses the easy way and prefer to enjoy a gift without to make an effort while the other chooses to embark on a long and difficult way.


During the performance, we are exposed to on a journey that goes through each family member separately and together. At the end they realize there are no shortcuts and to succeed must continue to invest in and go through the process (of learning).


The play is accompanied by songs, original music and period costumes, all intensify the viewing experience



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Audit Commends
  • Written by: Galia Beery

    Directed by: Itai Blaiberg

    Set design: Zeev Levy

    Music: Ben zeadman

    lyrics: Ben zeadman, Itai Bleiberg

    Costumes: Aviaa bash 

    Props: Tal kilshon

    Lighting: Yuval Cohen

    Actors: Nirit Aharoni, Amit Rozenberg, Tamar Segal, Roy Gurai, Guy German

    narration: Assaf Degani

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