Noah's Ark – The Inside Story

Noah's Ark – The Inside Story (Enlarge)

Ages: 4-8 


An actor arrives to the theater and sets up the background props. He gets dressed and is about to start the play, but all of a sudden he realizes that he forgot all of his belongings and his puppets needed for the play! How can he perform now? The entire audience is waiting for him to begin…. Suddenly the actor notices various objects and accessories scattered in the hall. He gathers them and decides he will use them to make a show! 


The Biblical narrative of Noah's Ark told in a creative and original way using objects to represent the animals. What happens inside the Ark during the flood – that is the point of our story. 


On the Ark, we encounter different animals, all made from the accessories and household objects. 


Like magic, a strainer with an orange sponge in it becomes a lazy orange cat, bath sponges form the head of a giraffe, a white sun hat is used as a hen's body and an old telephone wire functions as the long leg of an ostrich. 


In this production, which is based on stories from the Bible and the Midrash, the imagination sails into the relationships between the animals and relates them to human behavior – the difficulties and disputes among the animals and the conflicts that arise during the flood. All of these are examples of human relations and teach us all an important lesson in relationships – what are we willing to give up for the welfare of others, and how we behave towards others even when it makes us feel uncomfortable, sad or in pain. Most importantly – we learn how to cooperate with others in order to be successful together.


The world of using objects awakens and opens our imagination to present the possibility of a different type of theater, simple yet smart and beautiful, allowing inspiration and creativity for all ages.



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Creators and actors
  • Actor: Alon Levy

    Play and Directing by Einat Faider

    Artistic Advisor: Avigayil Shemer Aharon

    Sets and costumes: Ifat Vayner and Larisa Hemed

    Puppeteer guide: Ifat Vayner

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